The New BMI eCommerce

Welcome to the new BMI eCommerce solution!

Since the creation of Badger Metals in 1913, we have always led with our promise to be the best partner for our customers’ success. That philosophy has allowed our company to support our customers through recessions, depressions, and even world wars, and today, that same philosophy has pushed our team to innovate and provide the best customer experience leveraging new technologies 

The pace of the world in terms of technology seems to only be increasing in speed. This fast-paced growth has led to our decision to invest in new streamlined processes and systems. After receiving extensive customer feedback and serious deliberation, we have made the decision to upgrade our eCommerce system. We are making this investment in our customers because we truly believe it will continue our philosophy to be the best partner for success.  

Highlights of our new system: 

  • Live inventory amounts available online 
  • Online account access – invoice records, bill pay via credit/debit card or ACH, etc. 
  • Extensive product documentation (including specs, manuals, install videos, etc.) available online 
  • Automated order acknowledgments, invoicing, and statements 
  • Online promotional discounts including live discounting for large order quantities 
  • Overall improved customer experience and ease of use 

We are dedicated to continually improving our eCommerce solution, and we need your feedback. Please provide any feedback to


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